Sunday, October 01, 2006

Eruv error

I got a leaflet recently from a Manhattan synagogue—I’m sorry to say that I’ve since lost the leaflet and I can’t remember which synagogue—and realized that I’d really goofed! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Shabbat walks from Ansche Chesed on 100th Street and West End Avenue through Riverside Park to the 88th exit. Unfortunately, it seems that I missed this notation here: 4. Riverside Park, on the east side of the West Side Highway from 72nd Street to 95th Street, is included in the eruv. Portions of Riverside Park west of the West Side Highway or north of 95th Street are not included.” [Red added.] Oops! So today, I performed an experiment—I stuck to West End Avenue, didn’t enter the park until 95th Street, and walked down to 79th Street instead. That’s when I remembered something that I’d learned the hard way, from the good old days when we lived in Manhattan and used to roll our son in his stroller down to our friends’ apartment in the upper 70’s: There’s almost no shade between 96th and 79th Streets in Riverside Park! So if you should happen to encounter a very va-shvitzed (sweaty) person in Central Park somewhere between 100th and 72th Streets within the next few weeks or next summer, that’ll be yours truly, who will just have made the 15-minute cross-town trek from West End Avenue just to be able to go shpatsiring (strolling) under the trees.


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